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PKR 288.00

Mon Salwa Fish & Chips 20pcs1.59

PKR 415.00

Mon Salwa Breaded Fish Fillet 300gm1.34

PKR 465.00

Menu Tempura Fish Fillet 500gm1.46

PKR 449.00

Menu Fish Popcorn 500gm1.32

PKR 465.00

Dawn Fish Finger Pouch 1Kg1.8

PKR 550.00

Continental Jumbo Prawns Pouch 500gm1.35

PKR 385.00

Prime Fish Fillet Box 300gm0.94

PKR 385.00

Prime Fish Nuggets Box 300gm1.19

PKR 385.00

Prime Fish Finger Box 300gm1.13

PKR 350.00

Continental Small Prawns Pouch 500gm4.41

PKR 450.00

Continental Medium Prawns Pouch 500gm4.73

PKR 409.00

Continental Fish Finger Pouch 1kg6.74

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