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PKR 65.00

Shahi Foods Plain Paratha 5pcs1.33

PKR 67.00

Mon Salwa Lachchay Dar Paratha 5pcs1.25

PKR 240.00

Mon Salwa Lachchay Dar Paratha 20pcs1.36

PKR 90.00

Mon Salwa Aaloo Paratha 4pcs1.82

PKR 75.00

Mojizah Puri 10pcs1.33

PKR 75.00

Mojizah Paratha 5pcs0.91

PKR 159.00

Mojizah Laziz Chapati 18pcs1.64

PKR 105.00

Mojizah Diet Chapati 8pcs1.28

PKR 99.00

Mojizah Chapati 10pcs1.44

PKR 105.00

Mojizah Aloo Bhara Paratha 5pcs1.28

PKR 85.00

Menu Whole Wheat Paratha 400gm 5pcs1.49

PKR 385.00

Menu Whole Wheat Paratha 2.4kg 30pcs1.29

PKR 69.00

Menu Plain Paratha 400gm 5pcs1.26

PKR 345.00

Menu Plain Paratha 2.4kg 30pcs1.92

PKR 240.00

Menu Plain Paratha 1.6kg 20pcs1.21

PKR 95.00

Dawn Whole Wheat Paratha 400gm1.32

PKR 85.00

Dawn Puri 360gm 10pcs1.14

PKR 450.00

Dawn Plain Paratha F/P 30pcs1.29

PKR 105.00

Dawn Onion Paratha1.28

PKR 95.00

Dawn Lachha Paratha 4pcs1.61

PKR 115.00

Dawn Chicken Paratha 330gm 3pcs1.35

PKR 95.00

Dawn Aaloo Paratha1.37

PKR 345.00

Dawn Plain Paratha F/P8.9

PKR 299.00

Shahi Foods Plain Paratha 30pcs6.21

PKR 220.00

Shahi Foods Plain Paratha 20pcs6.01

PKR 72.00

Mon Salwa Plain Paratha 5pcs5.33

PKR 345.00

Monsalwa Paratha Plain Family Packs 30s3.54

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