Chaseup Offering Crockery Best Deal 2019

PKR 129.00

NurPur Butter 100gm3.01

PKR 485.00

Nawar Spread Sunflower Margarine 500gm1.63

PKR 295.00

Nawar Spread Sunflower Margarine 250gm1.45

PKR 285.00

Mumtaz Margarine Tub 500gm2.03

PKR 155.00

Mumtaz Margarine Tub 250gm2.05

PKR 42.00

Mumtaz Margarine 100gm2.05

PKR 765.00

Lurpak Unsalted Butter 400gm2.35

PKR 990.00

Lurpak Spreadable Unsalted Butter 500gm2.14

PKR 555.00

Lurpak Spreadable Unsalted Butter 250gm1.82

PKR 990.00

Lurpak Spreadable Salted Butter 500gm1.86

PKR 530.00

Lurpak Spreadable Salted Butter 250gm1.68

PKR 530.00

Lurpak Spreadable Lighter Salted Butter 250gm1.74

PKR 520.00

Lurpak Spreadable Lighter Butter With Olive Oil 250gm1.75

PKR 499.00

Lurpak Organic Butter 200gm1.88

PKR 285.00

Lurpak Garlic Butter 125gm1.53

PKR 609.00

I Cant Believe Its Not Butter Tub 500gm1.68

PKR 609.00

Flora Original Butter 500gm1.67

PKR 415.00

Belle Premium Margarine Tub 500gm1.36

PKR 215.00

Belle Premium Margarine Tub 250gm1.56

PKR 99.00

Adams Salted Butter 100gm1.57

PKR 405.00

Lurpak Salted Butter 200gm3.42

PKR 405.00

Lurpak Unsalted Butter 200gm6.07

PKR 99.00

Blue Band Margarine 200gm6.34

PKR 199.00

Adams Salted Butter 200gm6.42

PKR 145.00

Blue Band Margarine Tub 250gm6.01

PKR 265.00

Blue Band Margarine Tub 500gm5.48

PKR 255.00

NurPur Butter 200gm1.57

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