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PKR 555.00

Sabroso Crispy Chicken Poppers 750g3.03

PKR 575.00

Sabroso Chicken Burger Patties 1kg2.67

PKR 540.00

Sufi Chicken Wings 850gm1.38

PKR 525.00

Sufi Chicken Tender 675gm1.27

PKR 185.00

Sufi Chicken Tender 225gm1.37

PKR 185.00

Sufi Chicken Rollers 230gm1.24

PKR 469.00

Sufi Chicken Poppers 780gm1.25

PKR 175.00

Sufi Chicken Poppers 260gm1.4

PKR 201.00

PK Chicken Popcorn 315gm1.19

PKR 225.00

PK Chicken Fillet 300gm1.16

PKR 325.00

Mon Salwa Stuffz Wonder Cheese Balls 15pcs1.55

PKR 385.00

Menu Chicken Tempura 510gm1.34

PKR 199.00

Menu Chicken Tempura 270gm1.18

PKR 549.00

Menu Chicken Popcorn 780gm1.63

PKR 177.00

Menu Chicken Popcorn 260gm1.33

PKR 390.00

Menu Chicken Hand Krafted Tenders 500gm1.26

PKR 225.00

K&Ns Tender Pops1.46

PKR 245.00

K&Ns Chicken Wings 1kg1.43

PKR 565.00

K&Ns Chicken Hot Tenders 780gm1.32

PKR 215.00

K&Ns Chicken Croquettes 260gm1.26

PKR 599.00

K&Ns Chicken Croquettes 1kg1.4

PKR 570.00

K&Ns Chicken Combo Wings 850gm1.32

PKR 414.00

Dawn Crispy Chicken Fillet 460gm 4pcs1.45

PKR 179.00

Dawn Chicken Shots 260gm1.26

PKR 85.00

Dawn Chicken Shots 120gm1.28

PKR 420.00

Dawn Chicken Hearts Cheese Balls 540gm1.14

PKR 210.00

Dawn Chicken Hearts Cheese Balls 260gm1.28

PKR 509.00

PK Chicken Fillet 900gm3.14

PKR 485.00

PK Chicken Popcorn 900gm2.89

PKR 485.00

Dawn Chicken Shots 780gm5.46

PKR 585.00

K&Ns Tender Pops Economy Pack6.1

PKR 459.00

Mon Salwa Chicken Crispy Shots 680gm1.18

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