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PKR 259.00

Mon Salwa Frankfurter Cheese Chicken Sausages2.72

PKR 320.00

Kings Hunter Spicy Sausages1.42

PKR 310.00

Kings Frankfurter Sausages 340gm1.22

PKR 310.00

Kings Frankfurter Cocktail Sausages 340gm1.21

PKR 165.00

Kings Chicken Shami Kabab 8pcs1.24

PKR 220.00

Kings Chicken Shami Kabab 12pcs1.27

PKR 420.00

Kings Chicken Sausages 340gm1.22

PKR 550.00

K&Ns Jumbo Frankfurter Jalapeno & Cheese Sausages 740gm1.41

PKR 575.00

K&Ns Jumbo Frank Cheese & Onion Sausages 740gm1.32

PKR 535.00

K&Ns Breakfast Sausages 720gm1.52

PKR 535.00

K&Ns Frankfurter Sausages 720gm1.87

PKR 270.00

Euro Frankfurter Sausages 340gm1.7

PKR 285.00

Euro Frankfurter Cheese Sausages 340gm1.34

PKR 360.00

Euro Chicken Sausages 340gm1.29

PKR 380.00

Euro Chicken Cheese Sausages 340gm1.38

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