Chaseup Offering Crockery Best Deal 2019

PKR 515.00

K&Ns Smoked Breast Chicken Fillet Strips 465gm1.87

PKR 265.00

K&Ns Qeema 500gm1.79

PKR 279.00

K&Ns Karahi Cut 1kg1.74

PKR 580.00

K&Ns Fiery Chicken Fingers 780gm1.99

PKR 265.00

K&Ns Extra Lean Qeema 500gm1.8

PKR 245.00

K&Ns Chicken Drum Sticks 1kg2.05

PKR 265.00

K&Ns Breast Chicken Fillet 500gm2.29

PKR 315.00

K&Ns Boti Cut 1kg1.83

PKR 265.00

K&Ns Boneless Handi 500gm1.97

PKR 520.00

K&Ns Bologna Slice 616gm1.79

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