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PKR 445.00

Menu Seekh Kabab 540gm1.2

PKR 215.00

Menu Seekh Kabab 245gm1.11

PKR 480.00

Menu Gola Kabab 660gm1.07

PKR 269.00

Menu Gola Kabab 360gm1.16

PKR 359.00

Menu Chicken Tikka Bite 500gm1.22

PKR 250.00

Menu Chicken Tikka Bite 350gm1.08

PKR 499.00

Menu Chicken Shami Kabab 700gm1.27

PKR 249.00

Menu Chicken Shami Kabab 400gm1.35

PKR 285.00

Menu Chicken Kofta 500gm1.45

PKR 597.00

Menu Chicken Kofta 1kg1.27

PKR 510.00

Menu Chicken Chapli Kabab 888gm1.22

PKR 185.00

Menu Chicken Chapli Kabab 296gm1.37

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