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PKR 444.00

Sabroso Gola Kabab 515gm0.08

PKR 675.00

Sabroso Kofta1kg1.49

PKR 575.00

Sabroso Chapli Kabab 888gm1.92

PKR 259.00

United Foods Chicken Shami Kabab 12pcs1.37

PKR 249.00

United Foods Beef Shami Kabab 12pcs1.2

PKR 395.00

PK Mutton Meat Balls 500gm1.44

PKR 440.00

PK Mutton Chapli Kabab 600gm1.31

PKR 176.00

PK Crispy Chicken Burger 300gm1.5

PKR 327.00

PK Chicken Shish Kabab 480gm1.25

PKR 199.00

PK Chicken Shami Kabab 7pcs1.53

PKR 499.00

PK Chicken Shami Kabab 17pcs1.33

PKR 199.00

PK Chicken Seekh Kabab 7pcs1.45

PKR 499.00

PK Chicken Seekh Kabab 18pcs1.49

PKR 286.00

PK Chicken Meat Balls 500gm1.26

PKR 335.00

PK Chicken Kabab Roll Box 12pcs1.22

PKR 505.00

PK Chicken Gola Kabab 23pcs1.25

PKR 324.00

PK Chicken Chapli Kabab 600gm1.15

PKR 590.00

PK Chicken Chapli Kabab 1050gm1.54

PKR 363.00

PK Chicken Burger 700gm1.25

PKR 555.00

PK Chicken Burger 1kg1.15

PKR 186.00

PK Beef Shami Kabab 7pcs1.25

PKR 199.00

PK Beef Seekh Kabab 7pcs1.25

PKR 545.00

PK Beef Seekh Kabab 18pcs1.12

PKR 326.00

PK Beef Meat Balls 500gm1.33

PKR 289.00

PK Beef Kabab Roll Box 12pcs1.27

PKR 453.00

PK Beef Gola Kabab 23pcs1.21

PKR 385.00

PK Beef Chapli Kabab 600gm1.24

PKR 645.00

PK Beef Chapli Kabab 1050gm1.36

PKR 595.00

PK Beef Burger 1kg1.41

PKR 340.00

Mon Salwa Stuffz Juicy Joints Kabab 16pcs1.38

PKR 185.00

Mon Salwa Chicken Shami Kabab 8pcs1.26

PKR 349.00

Mon Salwa Chicken Shami Kabab 16pcs1.15

PKR 349.00

Mon Salwa Chicken Kofta 20pcs 600gm1.2

PKR 445.00

Menu Seekh Kabab 540gm1.21

PKR 215.00

Menu Seekh Kabab 245gm1.12

PKR 480.00

Menu Gola Kabab 660gm1.09

PKR 269.00

Menu Gola Kabab 360gm1.18

PKR 359.00

Menu Chicken Tikka Bite 500gm1.22

PKR 250.00

Menu Chicken Tikka Bite 350gm1.08

PKR 499.00

Menu Chicken Shami Kabab 700gm1.29

PKR 265.00

Menu Chicken Shami Kabab 400gm1.35

PKR 285.00

Menu Chicken Kofta 500gm1.45

PKR 599.00

Menu Chicken Kofta 1kg1.29

PKR 510.00

Menu Chicken Chapli Kabab 888gm1.22

PKR 185.00

Menu Chicken Chapli Kabab 296gm1.37

PKR 170.00

Kings Beef Shami Kabab1.3

PKR 220.00

K&Ns Seekh Kabab 205gm1.35

PKR 580.00

K&Ns Kofta 810gm1.35

PKR 255.00

K&Ns Kofta 300gm1.36

PKR 520.00

K&Ns Kafta Kabab Economy Pack 0.5151.3

PKR 515.00

K&Ns Chicken Mughlai Tikka Economy Pack 515gm1.28

PKR 566.00

K&Ns Chapli Kabab 888gm1.34

PKR 205.00

K&Ns Shami Kabab1.26

PKR 225.00

K&Ns Chapli Kabab 296gm2.15

PKR 358.00

Dawn Chicken Tikka Cubes 500gm1.19

PKR 380.00

Dawn Chicken Shami Kabab 576gm 16pcs1.23

PKR 148.00

Dawn Chicken Shami Kabab 216gm 6pcs1.33

PKR 90.00

Dawn Chicken Seekh Kabab 90gm 3pcs1.57

PKR 168.00

Dawn Chicken Seekh Kabab 180gm 6pcs0.99

PKR 422.00

Dawn Chicken Malai Boti 480gm1.04

PKR 203.00

Dawn Chicken Malai Boti 200gm1.12

PKR 400.00

Dawn Chicken Kofta 700gm 21pcs1.29

PKR 165.00

Dawn Chicken Kofta 267gm 8pcs1.07

PKR 482.00

Dawn Chicken Chapli Kabab 888gm 12pcs1.1

PKR 185.00

Dawn Chicken Chapli Kabab 296gm 4pcs1.11

PKR 399.00

Sufi Shami Kabab 612gm3.9

PKR 449.00

Sufi Gola Kabab 515gm3.65

PKR 440.00

PK Beef Shami Kabab 17pcs0.39

PKR 435.00

Dawn Chicken Seekh Kabab 540gm 18pcs4.8

PKR 499.00

K&Ns Shami Kabab Economy Pack6.6

PKR 595.00

K&Ns Chicken Tikka Chunks 700gm6.67

PKR 495.00

Mon Salwa Crispy Chicken Burger 18pcs5.82

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