Chaseup Offering Crockery Best Deal 2019

PKR 125.00

Dawn Vegetable Samosa 240gm 12pcs1.87

PKR 199.00

Dawn fun Burger Patties 372gm 4Pcs1.62

PKR 310.00

Dawn Chicken Spring Roll 480gm 16pcs1.61

PKR 155.00

Dawn Chicken Spring Roll 240gm 8pcs1.76

PKR 330.00

Dawn Chicken Samosa 480gm 38pcs1.58

PKR 175.00

Dawn Chicken Samosa 240gm 12pcs1.6

PKR 599.00

Dawn Chicken Samosa 1kg 50pcs1.73

PKR 210.00

Dawn Chicken Burger Patties 372gm 6pcs2.56

PKR 75.00

Dawn Chicken Burger Patties 125gm 2pcs1.75

PKR 395.00

Dawn Aaloo Samosa 900GM 50pcs1.67

PKR 115.00

Dawn Aaloo Samosa 240gm 12pcs1.83

PKR 529.00

Dawn Chicken Burger Patties 992gm 16pcs5.77

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