Chaseup Offering Crockery Best Deal 2019

PKR 549.00

Kolly Fruit Cocktail Tin 3kg1.51

PKR 165.00

Kolly Fruit Cocktail Tin 850gm2.83

PKR 265.00

Hosen Lychee Tin 565gm6.39

PKR 230.00

Hosen Fiesta Fruit Cocktail 836gm4.58

PKR 709.00

Polac Pineapple Slice Tin 3kg4.75

PKR 185.00

Polac Fruit Cocktail Tin 836gm7.23

PKR 600.00

Polac Fruit Cocktail Tin 3kg24.84

PKR 95.00

Polac Fruit Cocktail Tin 234gm4.64

PKR 119.00

Polac Broken Pineapple Slice Tin 565gm4.51

PKR 145.00

Hosen Sweet Corn Tin 400gm5.82

PKR 160.00

Delmonte Whole Kernel Corn Tin 410gm4.63

PKR 205.00

Delmonte Tidbits Pineapple Tin 560gm4.64

PKR 165.00

Delmonte Tidbits Pineapple Tin 432gm4.52

PKR 299.00

Delmonte Pineapple Slice Tin 822gm6

PKR 180.00

Delmonte Pineapple Slice Tin 432gm4.13

PKR 730.00

Delmonte Pineapple Slice Tin 3kg4.47

PKR 235.00

Delmonte Fruit Cocktail Tin 836gm4.95

PKR 160.00

Delmonte Fruit Cocktail Tin 432gm4.17

PKR 725.00

Delmonte Fruit Cocktail 3kg4.68

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