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PKR 155.00

Figaro Stuffed Green Olives 85gm4.28

PKR 550.00

Figaro Stuffed Green Olives 575gm3.29

PKR 229.00

Figaro Stuffed Green Olives 200gm3.33

PKR 999.00

Figaro Sliced Green Olives Tin 3kg3.3

PKR 499.00

Figaro Sliced Green Olives 480gm2.72

PKR 249.00

Figaro Sliced Green Olives 180gm3.05

PKR 290.00

Figaro Sliced Black Olives 230gm3.86

PKR 162.00

Figaro Sliced Black Olives 130gm3.08

PKR 150.00

Figaro Plain Green Olives 85gm3.2

PKR 540.00

Figaro Plain Green Olives 575gm3.53

PKR 249.00

Figaro Plain Green Olives 200gm4.01

PKR 145.00

Figaro Plain Black Olives 85gm3.64

PKR 229.00

Figaro Plain Black Olives 200gm4.07

PKR 499.00

Figaro Pitted Green Olives 454gm3.94

PKR 230.00

Figaro Pitted Green Olives 160gm3.6

PKR 155.00

Figaro Pitted Black Olives 70gm4.87

PKR 490.00

Figaro Pitted Black Olives 454gm4.34

PKR 230.00

Figaro Pitted Black Olives 160gm5.85

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