Chaseup Offering Crockery Best Deal 2019

PKR 375.00

Caroline F*25 Concentrated Phenyl 900ml2.28

PKR 99.00

Super White Perfumed Phenyl 3ltr1.19

PKR 197.00

Dettol Rose MPC 500ml3.29

PKR 430.00

Dettol Rose MPC 1ltr2.12

PKR 138.00

Jesco Mosquito Repellent Phenyl 3ltr4.31

PKR 365.00

Glint Glass & Surface Cleaner Twin Pack 500ml3.46

PKR 199.00

Caroline F*25 Concentrated Phenyl 450ml2.88

PKR 279.00

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid Original Cleaner 250ml Imp1.8

PKR 135.00

Caroline Awami White Phenyl Bottle 3ltr2.39

PKR 140.00

Perfect Glass Cleaner Bottle 500ml5.15

PKR 210.00

Glint Lavender Glass & Surface Cleaner 500ml3.97

PKR 310.00

Spontex Toilet Brush4.85

PKR 127.00

Super Detolian Perfumed Phenyl 2.75ltr5.61

PKR 310.00

Tyfon Total Control Oil Spray 800ml4.16

PKR 170.00

Tyfon Total Control Oil Spray 400ml2.99

PKR 1,140.00

Tyfon Total Control Oil Spray 3.78ltr3.73

PKR 270.00

Tyfon Target Aerosol All Insect Killer 500ml3.5

PKR 240.00

Tyfon Roach Control Cockroach Killer 400ml3.07

PKR 165.00

Tyfon Liquid Bleach 1ltr3.7

PKR 89.00

Tyfon Knock Out LED Refill5.12

PKR 879.00

Tyfon Export Quality Oil Spray 2.75ltr3.85

PKR 79.00

Tyfon Drain Opener Toilet Cleaner 550ml6.44

PKR 180.00

Tyfon Concentrated Phenyl 500ml5.37

PKR 110.00

Tyfon Concentrated Phenyl 225ml4.23

PKR 78.00

Tyfon Cockroach Killing Gel4.92

PKR 170.00

Max APC Rose Fresh Cleaner 500ml3.24

PKR 155.00

Max APC Lemon Fresh Cleaner 500ml4.46

PKR 185.00

Max APC Lavender Fresh Cleaner 500ml4.44

PKR 179.00

Kiwi Dranex Drain Opener 375gm4.12

PKR 109.00

King Sweepy Phenyl 2.75ltr4.11

PKR 99.00

King Sweepy Bowl Toilet Cleaner 500ml5.92

PKR 425.00

WD-40 Silicone Free Rust Remover 330ml5.02

PKR 135.00

Tyfon Zabardast Phenyl 3ltr5.18

PKR 285.00

Max APC Rose Fresh Cleaner 1ltr4.86

PKR 265.00

Max APC Lemon Fresh Cleaner 1ltr5.4

PKR 270.00

Max APC Lavender Fresh Cleaner 1ltr4.79

PKR 225.00

Kiwi Revive All Regular Cleaner Spray 250ml5.4

PKR 109.00

King Klear Glass Cleaner Bottle 500ml8.68

PKR 200.00

Glint Regular Glass & Surface Cleaner 500ml5.91

PKR 225.00

Finis Daily Mop 425ml5.65

PKR 156.00

Finis Daily Mop 2.75ltr5.99

PKR 197.00

Dettol Pine MPC 500ml4.02

PKR 349.00

Dettol Pine MPC 1ltr4.04

PKR 197.00

Dettol Lavender MPC 500ml4.57

PKR 430.00

Dettol Lavender MPC 1ltr5.43

PKR 197.00

Dettol Floral MPC 500ml6.54

PKR 430.00

Dettol Floral MPC 1ltr6.91

PKR 205.00

Dettol Citrus MPC 500ml4.42

PKR 430.00

Dettol Citrus MPC 1ltr4

PKR 205.00

Dettol Aqua MPC 500ml4.88

PKR 430.00

Dettol Aqua MPC 1ltr4.72

PKR 90.00

Chaseup White Phenyl Bottle 3ltr5.67

PKR 105.00

Chaseup Pine Floral MPC 500ml3.34

PKR 159.00

Chaseup Pine Floral MPC 1ltr2.77

PKR 80.00

Chaseup Perfumed Green Phenyl 450ml6.02

PKR 105.00

Chaseup Lemon MPC 500ml3.87

PKR 159.00

Chaseup Lemon MPC 1ltr2.52

PKR 105.00

Chaseup Freshing MPC 500ml3.35

PKR 159.00

Chaseup Freshing MPC 1ltr3.68

PKR 80.00

Chaseup Classic Phenyle 450ml5.81

PKR 220.00

Astonish Window & Glass Cleaner 750ml4.6

PKR 220.00

Astonish Kitchen Cleaner 750ml5.68

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