Chaseup Offering Crockery Best Deal 2019

PKR 45.00

Chaseup Thermal Disposable Plate Large 10pcs4.87

PKR 30.00

Chaseup Thermal Disposable Glass 10pcs4.21

PKR 53.00

APIIL Disposable Muffin Molds 24pcs3.69

PKR 120.00

APIIL Pizza Disposable Plate Medium 6pcs2.56

PKR 70.00

APIIL Disposable Tray Medium 6pcs3.55

PKR 40.00

Chaseup Thermal Disposable Plate Small 10pcs5.27

PKR 35.00

Chaseup Paper Disposable Cup 10pcs4.83

PKR 77.00

Rose Petal Paper Disposable Plate Large 10pcs5.49

PKR 40.00

Rose Petal Paper Disposable Cup 200cc 12pcs4.61

PKR 48.00

Chaseup Flexible Disposable Straw 6mm 100pcs5.04

PKR 35.00

APIIL Disposable Plate Small 6pcs4.91

PKR 45.00

APIIL Disposable Plate Medium 6pcs3.51

PKR 60.00

APIIL Disposable Food Container F2 600ml 6pcs5.91

PKR 44.00

APIIL Disposable Food Container F1 400ml 6pcs5.21

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