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PKR 299.00

Cagla Only Hazelnut Double Heart Shape Chocolate 175gm1.3

PKR 499.00

Cagla Zerre Milk Chocolate Assorted Pouch 500gm0.96

PKR 679.00

Cagla Poky Twist Hazelnut Chocolate Tin 550gm1.02

PKR 699.00

Cagla Poky Twist Assorted Chocolate Tin 550gm1.2

PKR 679.00

Cagla Party Mix Chocolate Tin 600gm0.8

PKR 749.00

Cagla Only Wave Shape Chocolate Tin 550gm1

PKR 465.00

Cagla Only Special Milk Chocolate Pouch 500gm1.07

PKR 255.00

Cagla Only Special Milk Chocolate Pouch 250gm0.85

PKR 299.00

Cagla Only Milky Compound Strawberry Chocolate Gift Box 250gm0.77

PKR 299.00

Cagla Only Milky Compound Hazelnut Chocolate Gift Box 250gm0.82

PKR 699.00

Cagla Only D Shape Chocolate Tin 550gm0.97

PKR 345.00

Cagla Only Crystal Chocolate Assorted 325gm0.96

PKR 299.00

Cagla Double Heart Shape Only Strawberry Chocolate 175gm1.17

PKR 679.00

Cagla Complex Red & Blue Chocolate Tin 550gm0.76

PKR 540.00

Cagla Complex Mixed Chocolate Pouch 550gm0.91

PKR 370.00

Cagla Complex Mixed Chocolate Box 325gm1.12

PKR 430.00

Cagla Camellia Mini Chocolate Assorted Pouch 450gm0.84

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