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PKR 520.00

Werthers Original Milk Chocolate Candy Pouch 125gm0.87

PKR 499.00

Werthers Original Caramel Chocolate Candy Pouch 125gm0.69

PKR 480.00

Mars Minis Chocolate Pouch 234gm1.3

PKR 1,199.00

Confetti Crispo Cride or Praline Chocolate Tray 550gm1.61

PKR 299.00

Cagla Only Hazelnut Double Heart Shape Chocolate 175gm1.85

PKR 375.00

Ferry Rose Square Shape Chocolate 1115 300gm 24pcs1.58

PKR 249.00

Ferry Rose Heart Shape Chocolate Box 1157 T-15 187.5gm1.48

PKR 899.00

Truffino Truffles Strawberry Chocolate Gift Box 325gm1.25

PKR 799.00

Truffino Truffles Strawberry Chocolate Gift Box 260gm0.98

PKR 899.00

Truffino Truffles Raspberry Chocolate Gift Box 325gm1.16

PKR 799.00

Truffino Truffles Raspberry Chocolate Gift Box 260gm1.06

PKR 499.00

Raffaello Chocolate Tray T24 230gm1.97

PKR 549.00

Hersheys Kisses Milk Chocolate Pouch 150gm1.59

PKR 549.00

Hersheys Kisses Hazelnut Chocolate Pouch 150gm1.55

PKR 549.00

Hersheys Kisses Almond Milk Chocolate Pouch 150gm1.72

PKR 1,950.00

Galaxy Jewels Chocolate Box 400gm1.8

PKR 999.00

Galaxy Jewels Chocolate Box 200gm1.38

PKR 375.00

Ferry Rose Heart Shape Chocolate 1116 300gm 24pcs1.64

PKR 9.00

Candyland Novella Strawberry Chocolate 11gm1.55

PKR 9.00

Candyland Novella Peanut Chocolate 11gm1.46

PKR 9.00

Candyland Novella Hazelnut Chocolate 11gm1.17

PKR 9.00

Candyland Novella Caramel Chocolate 11gm1.17

PKR 899.00

Truffino Truffles Hazelnut Chocolate Gift Box 325gm2.07

PKR 799.00

Truffino Truffles Hazelnut Chocolate Gift Box 260gm1.8

PKR 949.00

Truffino Truffles Coconut & Almond Chocolate Gift Box 325gm1.42

PKR 825.00

Truffino Truffles Coconut & Almond Chocolate Gift Box 260gm1.25

PKR 399.00

Truffino Truffles Assorted Chocolate Pouch 250gm1.3

PKR 499.00

Truffino Milk Chocolate With Hazelnut Tin 155gm1.51

PKR 399.00

Truffino Milk Chocolate With Hazelnut Pouch 250gm1.58

PKR 479.00

Truffino Milk Chocolate With Hazelnut Gift Box 280gm2.18

PKR 62.00

Sumalak Cikolata Strawberry Chocolate Bar 80gm1.79

PKR 62.00

Sumalak Cikolata Raspberry Chocolate Bar 80gm1.57

PKR 62.00

Sumalak Cikolata Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 80gm1.61

PKR 295.00

Nestle Smarties Chocolate Beans Roll 150gm UK1.56

PKR 299.00

JB Corn Dero Chocolate Round Box 180gm Thailand1.52

PKR 299.00

JB Assorted Jinny Balls Chocolate Round Box 180gm Thailand1.49

PKR 299.00

JB Assorted Choc Coins Chocolate Round Box 168gm Thailand1.81

PKR 679.00

Carnival Happy Mix Chocolate Tin 500gm1.21

PKR 499.00

Cagla Zerre Milk Chocolate Assorted Pouch 500gm1.36

PKR 679.00

Cagla Poky Twist Hazelnut Chocolate Tin 550gm1.47

PKR 699.00

Cagla Poky Twist Assorted Chocolate Tin 550gm1.6

PKR 679.00

Cagla Party Mix Chocolate Tin 600gm1.1

PKR 749.00

Cagla Only Wave Shape Chocolate Tin 550gm1.32

PKR 465.00

Cagla Only Special Milk Chocolate Pouch 500gm1.58

PKR 255.00

Cagla Only Special Milk Chocolate Pouch 250gm1.19

PKR 299.00

Cagla Only Milky Compound Strawberry Chocolate Gift Box 250gm1.09

PKR 299.00

Cagla Only Milky Compound Hazelnut Chocolate Gift Box 250gm1.2

PKR 699.00

Cagla Only D Shape Chocolate Tin 550gm1.33

PKR 345.00

Cagla Only Crystal Chocolate Assorted 325gm1.3

PKR 299.00

Cagla Double Heart Shape Only Strawberry Chocolate 175gm1.58

PKR 679.00

Cagla Complex Red & Blue Chocolate Tin 550gm1.07

PKR 540.00

Cagla Complex Mixed Chocolate Pouch 550gm1.25

PKR 370.00

Cagla Complex Mixed Chocolate Box 325gm1.53

PKR 430.00

Cagla Camellia Mini Chocolate Assorted Pouch 450gm1.35

PKR 69.00

Cadbury 5Star Chocolate Bar 45gm1.17

PKR 695.00

Bounty Minis Chocolate Pouch 428gm IBL1.27

PKR 270.00

Tayas Heart Shapes Chocolate Tray 100gm2.37

PKR 65.00

Nestle Smarties Mini Chocolate Beans Roll 38gm UK3.13

PKR 89.00

Maltesers Chocolate Balls Pouch 37gm UK3.74

PKR 74.00

Kinder Joy Eggs Chocolate Boys 20gm Ind6.07

PKR 79.00

Kinder Bueno Chocolate Box 43gm5.94

PKR 1,059.00

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Tray T.24 300gm4.04

PKR 125.00

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate T.34.47

PKR 560.00

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box T.16 200gm5

PKR 99.00

Toblerone Milk Chocolate 35gm4.32

PKR 225.00

Toblerone Honey & Nut White Chocolate 100gm4.49

PKR 199.00

Toblerone Fruit & Nut Chocolate 100gm4.09

PKR 299.00

Snickers Miniatures Hang Chocolate Pouch 150gm4.89

PKR 19.00

Snickers Fun Size Chocolate 18gm3.07

PKR 55.00

Snickers Chocolate Bar 54gm4.01

PKR 389.00

Raffaello Treat Almond & Coconut Chocolate T.15 150gm5.78

PKR 385.00

Nestle Kit Kat Mini Chocolate Assorted Pouch 200gm UK4.35

PKR 79.00

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky White Chocolate 40gm UK4.01

PKR 75.00

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Red Chocolate 40gm UK1.19

PKR 510.00

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Mini Chocolate Pouch 250gm UK4.17

PKR 74.00

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 42gm4.51

PKR 104.00

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Deu Milk Chocolate 70gm3.9

PKR 399.00

Nestle Kit Kat 4 Fingers Chocolate Value Pack 249gm 6pcs1.69

PKR 58.00

Nestle Kit Kat 4 Finger Chocolate 45gm UK4.22

PKR 32.00

Nestle Kit Kat 2 Finger Chocolate 20.7gm UK4.24

PKR 299.00

Mars Miniatures Chocolate Pouch 150gm4.52

PKR 19.00

Mars Fun Size Chocolate 18gm3.37

PKR 39.00

Mars Chocolate Bar 51gm3.95

PKR 49.00

Mars Chocolate Bar 35gm3.08

PKR 349.00

Mars Chocolate Bar 270gm 6pcs5.37