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PKR 664.00

Al shifa honey sqeezy 400 1.28

PKR 1,325.00

Alshifa Orange Honey Jar 500gm3.86

PKR 1,325.00

Alshifa Lime Tree Honey Jar 500gm3.55

PKR 1,239.00

Alshifa Honey 750gm3.61

PKR 810.00

Alshifa Honey 500gm4.02

PKR 499.00

Alshifa Honey 250gm4.21

PKR 1,599.00

Alshifa Honey 1kg4.17

PKR 269.00

Alshifa Honey 125gm3.66

PKR 1,325.00

Alshifa Black Forest Honey Jar 500gm3.47

PKR 749.00

Alshifa Black Forest Honey Jar 250gm4.22

PKR 2,599.00

Alshifa Black Forest Honey Jar 1kg4.28

PKR 1,325.00

Alshifa Acacia Honey Jar 500gm3.72

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