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PKR 336.00

Salmans Black Currant Jam 900gm4.79

PKR 389.00

Salmans Pineapple Jam 900gm4.17

PKR 236.00

Salmans Mix Fruit Jam 900gm2.94

PKR 260.00

Salmas Apple Jam 900gm 3.24

PKR 190.00

Salmas Cherry Jam 450gm3.01

PKR 199.00

Salmas Black Jam 450gm3.67

PKR 165.00

Salmans Apricot Jam 450gm3.64

PKR 130.00

Salmas peach jam 450gm3.81

PKR 130.00

Salmans Mango Jam 450gm3.67

PKR 180.00

Salmans Strawberry Jam 450gm3.55

PKR 130.00

Salmans Orange Marmalade Jam 450gm4.28

PKR 130.00

Salmans Mix Fruit Jam 450gm2.93

PKR 199.00

Salmans Black Currant Jam 450gm3.32

PKR 130.00

Salmans Apple Jelly Spread 450gm3.54

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