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PKR 73.00

Chaseup Mash Chilka Daal 500gm

PKR 65.00

Chaseup Black Chana 500gm

PKR 49.00

Chaseup White Lobia Beans 500gm

PKR 75.00

Chaseup White Kabli Chana 500gm

PKR 99.00

Chaseup Red Lobia Beans Small 500gm

PKR 93.00

Chaseup Red Lobia Beans 500gm

PKR 58.00

Chaseup Masoor Daal 500gm

PKR 78.00

Chaseup Mash Daal 500gm

PKR 69.00

Chaseup Mash Black Whole Daal 500gm

PKR 65.00

Chaseup Har har Daal 500gm

PKR 49.00

Chaseup White Small Chana 500gm

PKR 49.00

Chaseup Whole Wheat 1kg

PKR 55.00

Chaseup Whole Jouw 500gm

PKR 129.00

Chaseup Har har Daal 1kg

PKR 72.00

Chaseup Jouw Ka Dalya 500gm

PKR 49.00

Chaseup Bajra 1kg

PKR 115.00

Chaseup Black Chana 1kg

PKR 120.00

Chaseup Haleem Mix 1kg

PKR 24.00

Chaseup Dalya 500gm

PKR 99.00

Chaseup White Lobia Beans 1kg

PKR 149.00

Chaseup White Kabli Chana 1kg

PKR 28.00

Chaseup Sujee 500g

PKR 185.00

Chaseup Red Lobia Beans 1kg

PKR 79.00

Chaseup Moong Whole Daal 500gm

PKR 88.00

Chaseup Moong Daal 500gm

PKR 175.00

Chaseup Moong Daal 1kg

PKR 80.00

Chaseup Moong Chilka Daal 500gm

PKR 159.00

Chaseup Moong Chilka Daal 1kg

PKR 48.00

Chaseup Masoor Whole Daal 500gm

PKR 109.00

Chaseup Masoor Whole Daal 1kg

PKR 115.00

Chaseup Masoor Daal 1kg

PKR 155.00

Chaseup Mash Daal 1kg

PKR 53.00

Chaseup Maida 1kg

PKR 68.00

Chaseup Chana Daal 500gm

PKR 135.00

Chaseup Chana Daal 1kg

PKR 135.00

Chaseup Baisan 1kg

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