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PKR 835.00

Mughal Sela Rice 5kg0.85

PKR 125.00

Mughal Pure Basmati Rice 1kg5.21

PKR 589.00

Mughal Blended Basmati Rice 5kg4.6

PKR 175.00

Mughal Super Kernal Basmati Rice 1kg5.07

PKR 175.00

Mughal Sela Rice 1kg4.63

PKR 489.00

Mughal Daghi Rice 5kg5.9

PKR 119.00

Mughal Blended Basmati Rice 1kg5.72

PKR 979.00

Mughal Badshahi Basmati Rice 5kg5.3

PKR 199.00

Mughal Badshahi Basmati Rice 1kg5.12

PKR 799.00

Mughal Super Karnal Basmati Rice 5kg5.89

PKR 615.00

Mughal Pure Basmati Rice 5kg4.56

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