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PKR 1,049.00

Dalda Cooking Oil Tin 5ltr0.09

PKR 515.00

Dalda Cooking Oil Tin 2.5ltr0.06

PKR 202.00

Dalda Cooking Oil Pouch 1ltr0.1

PKR 2,079.00

Dalda Cooking Oil Can 10ltr0.08

PKR 969.00

Dalda Cooking Oil Bottle 4.5ltr0.08

PKR 659.00

Dalda Cooking Oil Bottle 3ltr6.93

PKR 3,299.00

Dalda Canola Cooking Oil Jerry Can 16ltr0.07

PKR 969.00

Dalda Canola Cooking Oil Bottle 4.5ltr8.17

PKR 625.00

Dalda Canola Cooking Oil Bottle 3ltr0.03

PKR 969.00

Dalda Banaspati Ghee Tin 5kg0.06

PKR 505.00

Dalda Banaspati Ghee Tin 2.5kg0.05

PKR 192.00

Dalda Banaspati Ghee Pouch 1kg0.1

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