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PKR 554.00

Chaseup Sukri Dates Box 450gm

PKR 319.00

Chaseup Sukri Dates Box 235gm

PKR 579.00

Chaseup Soghie Dates Box 450gm

PKR 299.00

Chaseup Soghie Dates Box 210gm

PKR 554.00

Chaseup Mabroom Dates Box 440gm

PKR 579.00

Chaseup Kalmi Dates Box 450gm

PKR 279.00

Chaseup Kalmi Dates Box 190gm

PKR 125.00

Chaseup Irani Dates Box

PKR 165.00

Chaseup Aseel Dates Pouch 900gm

PKR 85.00

Chaseup Aseel Dates 450gm

PKR 1,034.00

Chaseup Amber Dates 400gm

PKR 424.00

Chaseup Amber Dates 150gm

PKR 849.00

Chaseup Ajwa Dates Box 400gm

PKR 449.00

Chaseup Ajwa Dates Box 200gm

PKR 335.00

Aroma Golden Aseel Dates 800gm

PKR 189.00

Aroma Golden Aseel Dates 400gm

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