Chaseup Offering Crockery Best Deal 2019

PKR 45.00

Shield Smokers Hard Tooth Brush4.92

PKR 45.00

Shield Sensation Soft Tooth Brush6.63

PKR 29.00

Shield Flex Junier Soft Tooth Brush5.67

PKR 60.00

Shield Clarity Soft Tooth Brush5.62

PKR 175.00

Oral B Pro Expert Sensitive soft Tooth Brush5.1

PKR 270.00

Oral B Pro Expert Clinic Line Soft Tooth Brush5.9

PKR 270.00

Oral B Pro Expert Clinic Line Medium Tooth Brush5.57

PKR 205.00

Oral B Pro Expert Anti Bacterial Medium Tooth Brush5.6

PKR 235.00

Oral B Pro Expert All in One Medium Tooth Brush5.79

PKR 85.00

Oral B Maxi Clean Tooth Brush6.89

PKR 115.00

Oral B Advantage Tooth Brush4.61

PKR 145.00

Oral B 3D Clean Pro Expert Tooth Brush5.21

PKR 49.00

Colgate Zig Zag Plus Soft Tooth Brush4.37

PKR 49.00

Colgate Zig Zag Plus Medium Tooth Brush4.59

PKR 59.00

Colgate Twister Plus Soft Tooth Brush4.95

PKR 98.00

Colgate Slim Soft Tri Tip Tooth Brush4.31

PKR 80.00

Colgate Slim Soft Tooth Brush4.54

PKR 95.00

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Tooth Brush4.69

PKR 30.00

Colgate Premiar Clean Soft Tooth Brush5.11

PKR 69.00

Colgate Navigator Plus Soft Tooth Brush4.22

PKR 35.00

Colgate Kids Tooth Brush5.14

PKR 73.00

Colgate Kids Barbie Tooth Brush (Extra Soft)3.64

PKR 35.00

Colgate Extra Clean Medium & Soft Tooth Brush6.15

PKR 95.00

Colgate 360 Sensitive Soft Tooth Brush2.59

PKR 89.00

Colgate 360 Clean Soft Tooth Brush3.84

PKR 89.00

Colgate 360 Clean Medium Tooth Brush4.98

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