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PKR 100.00

Chaseup Whole Red Chilli Spices 250gm

PKR 17.00

Chaseup Chat Masala 50gm

PKR 105.00

Chaseup Zafran Box 50gm

PKR 5.00

Chaseup Whole Black Salt 50gm

PKR 15.00

Chaseup Powder Black Salt 100gm

PKR 45.00

Chaseup Munaqqa 50gm

PKR 11.00

Chaseup Misri 50gm

PKR 28.00

Chaseup Char Maghaz 50gm

PKR 135.00

Chaseup Cardamom Powder Spices Small 25gm

PKR 43.00

Chaseup Zeera Powder Spices 50gm

PKR 13.00

Chaseup Zarda Color 20gm

PKR 75.00

Chaseup Whole White Pepper Spices 50gm

PKR 19.00

Chaseup Whole Rai Spices 100gm

PKR 22.00

Chaseup Whole Kolongi Spices 50gm

PKR 18.00

Chaseup Whole Haldi Spices 50gm

PKR 39.00

Chaseup Whole Ginger 50gm

PKR 67.00

Chaseup Whole Coriander Spices 200gm

PKR 125.00

Chaseup Whole Coconut 200gm

PKR 40.00

Chaseup Whole Black Pepper Spices 50gm

PKR 25.00

Chaseup Whole Ajwain Spices 100gm

PKR 75.00

Chaseup White Whole Zeera Spices 100gm

PKR 49.00

Chaseup White Till 100gm

PKR 85.00

Chaseup White Pepper Powder Spices 50gm

PKR 28.00

Chaseup Tukh Malanga Spices 50gm

PKR 75.00

Chaseup Sounf 200gm

PKR 15.00

Chaseup Soda Powder 100gm

PKR 145.00

Chaseup Small Cardamom 25gm

PKR 42.00

Chaseup Sagu Dana 200gm

PKR 42.00

Chaseup Red Whole Chilli Spices 100gm

PKR 89.00

Chaseup Red Chilli Powder Spices 200gm

PKR 249.00

Chaseup Red Chilli Kashmiri Spices 250gm

PKR 85.00

Chaseup Red Chilli Cutter Spices 200gm

PKR 59.00

Chaseup Powder Coconut 100gm

PKR 5.00

Chaseup Phitkari 50gm

PKR 30.00

Chaseup Methi Dana Spices 200gm

PKR 45.00

Chaseup Khatai Powder Spices 100gm

PKR 35.00

Chaseup Khashkhash Spices 100gm

PKR 55.00

Chaseup Jawatri Spices 10gm

PKR 55.00

Chaseup Jaifal Spices 50gm

PKR 53.00

Chaseup Imlee 250gm

PKR 39.00

Chaseup Haldi Powder Spices 100gm

PKR 129.00

Chaseup Garam Masala Whole Spices 100gm

PKR 129.00

Chaseup Garam Masala Powder Spices 100gm

PKR 39.00

Chaseup Dhania Giri Spices 50gm

PKR 12.00

Chaseup Curry Leaf Spices 25gm

PKR 32.00

Chaseup Coriander Powder Spices 100gm

PKR 85.00

Chaseup Cloves Spices 50gm

PKR 89.00

Chaseup Cinnamon Stick Spices 100gm

PKR 49.00

Chaseup Cinnamon Powder Spices 50gm

PKR 69.00

Chaseup Black Whole Zeera Spices 50gm

PKR 45.00

Chaseup Black Till 100gm

PKR 45.00

Chaseup Black Pepper Powder Spices 50gm

PKR 129.00

Chaseup Big Elaichi 50gm

PKR 39.00

Chaseup Badian Phool Spices 25gm

PKR 55.00

Chaseup Anar Dana Spices 100gm

PKR 59.00

Chaseup Aaloo Bukhara Spices 100gm

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