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Audionic Honor Bluetooth HB-10

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Audionic Honor HB-10 wireless earphones bring a sensible musical experience for supreme listening comfort. As a Bluetooth earphone, Honor HB-10 is pretty awesome, comfortable to wear and deliver the full spectrum of sounds Users can expect.

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The difference is clear. With its Single press design made from a synthesis of high quality materials, users can enjoy crystal clear highly-accurate HD sound. Even listening wireless over Bluetooth. 10m Bluetooth range, talk time of up to 4 hours and stand-by time up to 120 hours.


·         Bluetooth work range : 10m

·         Play/Talk : Up to 4 hours

·         Stand by time : Up to 120 hours

·         Charging time : 2 hours

·         Speaker power : Rating 3mw

·         Sanctity : E15dBm

·         Impedance : 32 ohm

·         Sensitivity : -85 dbm

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Audionic Honor Bluetooth HB-10

PKR 1,120

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